Monday, January 27, 2014

More on My Workout

Today I'm going to talk a little bit more about my workout schedule. I've been working out a lot more each day. For this particular blog post I am going to write for you all what I do every day of the week (as far as working out goes) and a list of the exercises I do.

First, my workout schedule for the week:


~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 90 min. workout/stretch before ballet class (I get to my academy super early)
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ same as Monday


~ 30 min. run in the morning
~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 75 min. workout/stretch before ballet class
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 30 min. pointe class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ everything the same as Wednesday except I have a 30 min. stretching class instead of the pointe class


~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 90 min. workout/stretch before modern class
~ 60 min. modern class
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ 75 min. ballet class (old ballet studio)
~ 90 min. variations/advanced pointe class (old ballet studio)
~ 30 min. run or bike ride
~ 60 min. workout in the evening
~ I sometimes have rehearsals at my ballet academy on Saturdays. They usually last a couple hrs.


~ go to the gym or my old ballet studio for a few hrs.
~ 30 min. run or bike ride
~ 60 min. workout in the evening

The exercises I do when I work out (I do all of these when I work out for 60 min. When I work out for 30-45 min. I just do however many I have time for):

~ 100 jumping jacks

~ 225 crunches - for this I do a sequence where I do 25 crunches where I'm sitting straight up then I slowly roll down about half way to the floor (kind of like a backwards version of crunches), then I do 50 regular crunches, 20 backwards crunches, 40 regular crunches, 15 backwards crunches, 30 regular crunches, 10 backwards crunches, 20 regular crunches, 5 backwards crunches, and FINALLY 10 regular crunches (I know, it's quite a lot of crunches, haha)

~ squats - I also have an interesting combination for my squats. I start out by holding the squat position (like a grande plie in second position)  with my hands on my knees for 25 counts (I listen to a song with a pretty slow beat) then I hold my hands in first position and I releve on every other count (again for 25 counts). I do the same thing with 20 counts, 15 counts, 10 counts, and 5 counts. If the song I'm playing is still going then I hold the squat position on releve 'till it's over.

~ 4 min. of plank - At first, instead of just holding plank perfectly still, I roll my feet backwards and forwards and side to side in this sequence: 10 forward and backward (2 counts for each time I switch from forward to backward which makes it about 20 counts in total), 10 side to side (same amount of counts). I repeat that 3 times. After that I stay still in plank for the remainder of the song that I'm listening to (I always listen to a song that lasts exactly 4 min.)

~ leg lifts with the deuserband - I'm in the splits with the deuserband on and I lay down on my back, I then pull my legs up together in the air 30 times.

~ regular leg lifts - For these leg lifts I lay down on my back with my legs together in the air at a 90 degree angle. I lower (as close to the ground as possible without them touching) and lift the legs 25 times.

~ leg beats - I pretty much balance on my rear end while my legs and upper body are forming an acute angle. Next, I switch (beat) the legs 7 times, then beat them forward (instead of side to side) 7 times. I do that 3 times on the right and 3 times on the left.

~ 50 sit-ups

~ 50 lunges

~ 300 crunches - I do 100 normal crunches, then 100 crunches going to the side (10 left then 10 right 'till I've done 100), and finally I do the last 100 doing 10 normal then 10 with my legs lifted.

~ leg lifts to the side - These I do with ankle weights on. I do 30 for each leg.

Sorry for such a long (quite possibly boring) blog post. Have a nice day everyone!!

~ Emma Grace

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