Monday, January 27, 2014

More on My Workout

Today I'm going to talk a little bit more about my workout schedule. I've been working out a lot more each day. For this particular blog post I am going to write for you all what I do every day of the week (as far as working out goes) and a list of the exercises I do.

First, my workout schedule for the week:


~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 90 min. workout/stretch before ballet class (I get to my academy super early)
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ same as Monday


~ 30 min. run in the morning
~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 75 min. workout/stretch before ballet class
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 30 min. pointe class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ everything the same as Wednesday except I have a 30 min. stretching class instead of the pointe class


~ 30-45 min. workout in the morning
~ 90 min. workout/stretch before modern class
~ 60 min. modern class
~ 90 min. ballet class
~ 60 min. workout in the evening


~ 75 min. ballet class (old ballet studio)
~ 90 min. variations/advanced pointe class (old ballet studio)
~ 30 min. run or bike ride
~ 60 min. workout in the evening
~ I sometimes have rehearsals at my ballet academy on Saturdays. They usually last a couple hrs.


~ go to the gym or my old ballet studio for a few hrs.
~ 30 min. run or bike ride
~ 60 min. workout in the evening

The exercises I do when I work out (I do all of these when I work out for 60 min. When I work out for 30-45 min. I just do however many I have time for):

~ 100 jumping jacks

~ 225 crunches - for this I do a sequence where I do 25 crunches where I'm sitting straight up then I slowly roll down about half way to the floor (kind of like a backwards version of crunches), then I do 50 regular crunches, 20 backwards crunches, 40 regular crunches, 15 backwards crunches, 30 regular crunches, 10 backwards crunches, 20 regular crunches, 5 backwards crunches, and FINALLY 10 regular crunches (I know, it's quite a lot of crunches, haha)

~ squats - I also have an interesting combination for my squats. I start out by holding the squat position (like a grande plie in second position)  with my hands on my knees for 25 counts (I listen to a song with a pretty slow beat) then I hold my hands in first position and I releve on every other count (again for 25 counts). I do the same thing with 20 counts, 15 counts, 10 counts, and 5 counts. If the song I'm playing is still going then I hold the squat position on releve 'till it's over.

~ 4 min. of plank - At first, instead of just holding plank perfectly still, I roll my feet backwards and forwards and side to side in this sequence: 10 forward and backward (2 counts for each time I switch from forward to backward which makes it about 20 counts in total), 10 side to side (same amount of counts). I repeat that 3 times. After that I stay still in plank for the remainder of the song that I'm listening to (I always listen to a song that lasts exactly 4 min.)

~ leg lifts with the deuserband - I'm in the splits with the deuserband on and I lay down on my back, I then pull my legs up together in the air 30 times.

~ regular leg lifts - For these leg lifts I lay down on my back with my legs together in the air at a 90 degree angle. I lower (as close to the ground as possible without them touching) and lift the legs 25 times.

~ leg beats - I pretty much balance on my rear end while my legs and upper body are forming an acute angle. Next, I switch (beat) the legs 7 times, then beat them forward (instead of side to side) 7 times. I do that 3 times on the right and 3 times on the left.

~ 50 sit-ups

~ 50 lunges

~ 300 crunches - I do 100 normal crunches, then 100 crunches going to the side (10 left then 10 right 'till I've done 100), and finally I do the last 100 doing 10 normal then 10 with my legs lifted.

~ leg lifts to the side - These I do with ankle weights on. I do 30 for each leg.

Sorry for such a long (quite possibly boring) blog post. Have a nice day everyone!!

~ Emma Grace

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Healthy Eating Plan

   Sorry there has been a lack of posts lately. I started ballet back up after my winter break this past Tuesday, and before then I was preparing for it by going to my old studio for several hrs. each day. And when I wasn't at the studio I was at home going on a walk or working out and stretching in my room. So, though it's not the best excuse in the world, I was quite busy.

   On another note, I wanted to tell you all about the diet that I've recently started. Honestly, it's not really a diet. It's more of a healthy eating plan. haha I decided that because I'm auditioning for the university level (pre-professional) at my ballet academy this year, I should start working harder than ever to make it in. So right after Christmas I started going to my old studio more often and for longer periods of time. I also starting working out more (especially to build core strength for balances and turns). But the thing I'm most proud of is my new "healthy eating plan". On the 28th of December I decided I was going to go without any sweets or junk food for as long as possible. Today is my 13th day of no sweets or junk food!! I'm quite proud of my small (but very important) accomplishment. I think because I live in Europe it's especially difficult for me to resist the temptation of all foods delicious, but not so good for me. Several times in the past couple of weeks my family has gone to France. And everyone knows what amazing desserts there are in France! But, much to my family's surprise, I resisted all temptations. I don't plan on stopping my "healthy eating plan" anytime soon. In addition to not eating any junk food, I've also started eating smaller portions. I already eat very small portions to begin with, but I think for my size I could eat even less and still have enough nourishment to keep me going throughout the day. I will try to keep you guys posted on how my "healthy eating plan" is going.

   Oh, and here are a few recent(ish) pictures of me.

These first couple pictures are from my family's visit to Mettloch, Germany.

This photo was taken at a German castle about 45 minutes away from my house.

Have a lovely day!
~ Emma Grace